Category – Professional

Type – Salaried

Basic Function: Administer and supervise all Agency residential services, subject to the administrative approval of the Executive Director/designee and consistent with the goals and objectives of the Agency.  The Community Living Services Director is supervised and evaluated by the Executive Director.

Specific Responsibilities:

    1. Assists in preparation and development of annual budget for residential programs and manages expenses to ensure operation within budgetary limits.
    2. Monitors residential activities, and any other area assigned, to ensure quality services are provided to people supported.
    3. Responsible for maintaining enrollment in residential homes and filling any vacancy, when necessary.                                    
    4. Consults with Human Resources Director to ensure an orderly personnel program is maintained within area of responsibility, including appropriate staffing patterns, recruitment, hiring and training, job descriptions, performance standards and appraisals, compensation, etc.
    5. Interprets Board and operational policies and procedures and recommends changes, as appropriate.
    6. Attends meetings of the Board of Directors and General Membership as requested by the Executive Director.
    7. Assists Agency committees and attends committee meetings as assigned.            
    8. Assists the Executive Director with administrative planning and programming, liaison, public relations, fund raising and other functions as assigned.
    9. Meets with senior management on a regular basis.
    10. Meets with residential management on a regular basis.
    11. Evaluates residential management annually.
    12. Guides managers, promoting attitudes of teamwork and facilitating communications.
    13. Communicates issues, concerns, successes, and observations that impact the Agency to the Executive Director/designee.
    14. Evaluates process and outcomes of programs on a regular basis and suggests improvements on areas of quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction of persons supported.
    15. Advocates for and protects the health and safety rights of persons supported.
    16. Coordinates and communicates with administrative counterparts in order to ensure the provision of consistent and efficient services.
    17. Ensures programs are in compliance with requirements of regulatory agencies.
    18. Oversees and evaluates the function and operations of the Nursing Department.
    19. May be assigned to participate in Labor Management meetings and/or Union Negotiations.
    20. Maintains proper driver eligibility, background clearance, and Direct Support Person (DSP) Certification.
    21. Completes all annual training requirements.
    22. Performs all other duties as assigned.
    23. May be required to assist during emergency situations.


    Minimum Education/Experience:

    Verifiable documentation of education.  Bachelor’s Degree in human service field or related field that meets requirements for a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) as defined by the Illinois Department of Human Services with one (1) or more years’ experience programming for people with developmental disabilities.  Five (5) or more years’ combined experience in administration and program services.  Combined education and experience may meet requirements.  Experience with persons with developmental disabilities and other physical and mental challenges preferred.  Must meet the requirements for Direct Support Person (DSP). A valid driver’s license and insurable driving record is required.

    Language and Skills:

    This is a professional position which requires great communication skills (verbal, listening, and written).  Successful completion of the Short Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults (S-TOFHLA) test, testing ability to read.   Ability to prioritize responsibilities and adapt to the changing needs of the Residential Department is important.  Ability to interact and communicate with people supported by our Agency, employees, parents/guardians, State/Federal staff members, members of the Board of Directors, community members, and other supervisory / management personnel. May represent the Agency at a variety of events.

    Physical Demands

    Must be able to complete all physical requirements of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation.  Successful completion of Essential Functioning Test verifying ability to lift at least seventy-five (75) pounds. A professional/exempt salaried employee has no set hours for this position but is generally expected to work forty (40) hours per week during normal business hours, Sunday through Saturday, in addition to all necessary time above and beyond normal business hours as required for the performance of the position.