Category – Professional

Type – Salaried

Basic Function: Administers, with the assistance of the Administrative Directors, all Agency programs and services, subject to management approval by the Board of Directors and consistent with the goals and objectives of the Agency.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Planning and Programming Duties

A. Provides direction, coordination, and supervision of all projects and services as indicated by the goals and policies of the Agency.

B. Delegates and ensures accountability for expansion or modification of programs and services of the Agency.

C. Ensures that quality is maintained in the programs and services of the Agency; and that all programs are conducted in a safe and clean environment.

2. Administrative Duties

A. Assists the Board of Directors and its committee structure in the development of sound organizational policies, providing such information as may be required and bringing to the attention of the Board of Directors and/or its committees any matter requiring policy decision, clarification, or revision.

B. Supports the Administrative Directors and the Human Resources Director in hiring, evaluating, promoting, or terminating employees.  Personally evaluates the Program Services Director, Administrative Assistant I, Finance Director, Maintenance/Transportation Director, Community Living Services Director, and the Human Resources Director annually, or on an as needed basis.

C. Supports the preparation by the Finance Director of the annual budget and presents it to the Finance Committee for its review. 

D. Provides in a timely manner all reports to collaborative agencies, allowing adequate time for Board and/or Committee review.

E. Institutes proper and appropriate management controls.  Maintains financial, personnel, and other such controls and records as may be required, necessary, or desired.

F. Prepares the annual report for the General Membership of the Agency.

3. Fund Raising and Public Relations Duties

A. Provides leadership in the procurement of grants and other sources of revenue.  Supports all fund raising activities sponsored by the Agency.

B. Assumes leadership for increasing public awareness and understanding of the nature and problems of the developmentally disabled through preparation of special materials, presentations, and media releases.  Oversees the publication of the newsletter.  Insures that information is distributed to Agency members and other citizens so they can be apprised of recent program and legislative developments on the national, state, and local levels.

4. Liaison Duties

A. Promotes and maintains working relationships with legislative members, representatives, public officials, agency administrators, and other such personnel involved in direct or indirect services to the developmentally disabled.  Assists in the promotion of national, state, and local program development.

B. Participates in community planning for the developmentally disabled through membership in professional organizations, inter-departmental or inter-agency committees.

  1.       Assists committees of the Agency in cooperation with other organizations and agencies of the community in order to make the best use of existing programs and services for the developmentally disabled.

5. Other Duties

A. May be assigned other duties by the Board of Directors.

Minimum Education / Experience

Master’s degree preferred in one or more fields necessary for successful Agency management, and five or more years of administrative experience.  


Must live in Jacksonville, Illinois or within a ten (10) mile radius.