Category  – Professional

Type  – Salaried

Basic Function: Provides support to the Quality Improvement Coordinator.  Assists with staff trainings, health and safety programs, and Quality Assurance Program for the Agency.  Is supervised and evaluated by the Quality Improvement Coordinator. 

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Assists in coordinating the Direct Support Person (DSP) Training Program, in conjunction with the Residential Program Leaders, to include trainings and on-site quality review checks.
  2. Completes in-service training records.
  3. Assists with registration and attendance at staff training sessions.
  4. Assists the Quality Improvement Coordinator (QIC) with workshop and seminar information, both within the Agency and outside the Agency.
  5. Records all the DSP classroom test scoring and documents information required by the Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Developmental Disabilities.
  6. Serves as a backup trainer for all required training sessions.
  7. Prepares supplement training material, as requested.
  8. Assists the QIC in preparing the Agency’s monthly training calendar.  Distributes the training calendar to Agency personnel, as requested.   
  9. Participates as a member of the Health & Safety Committee.
  10. Conducts DHS trainings for the DSP and QIDP Programs.
  11. Records all attendance training records and all other trainings (e.g. residential house meetings, community day services improvement days, QIDP CE’s) for all Agency employees, as well as non-Agency personnel.
  12. Assists the QIC in preparing Quality Assurance reports, as requested.
  13. Conducts various Agency trainings at various work sites, as required.
  14. Communicates issues, concerns, successes and observations that impact the Agency to the appropriate administrative director and QIC in a timely manner.
  15. Assists the QIC in ensuring that all training procedures are being followed at all Agency locations.  If necessary, will provide on-the-spot retraining.
  16. As required, attends DSP and QIDP training coordinator sessions conducted by DHS.
  17. Assists the QIC in scanning all training documents into the employee’s training file.
  18. Makes copies of the DSP On-the-Job (OJT’s) training documents.
  19. Completes all annual training requirements.
  20. May be required to assist during emergency situations.
  21. Performs all other duties as assigned.

Minimum Education/ Experience

Must have verifiable documentation of education. Bachelor’s degree in human services, education, training & development, or related field. Must be qualified as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) as defined by the Illinois Department of Human Services. One or more years’ experience programming with persons with developmental disabilities and other physical and mental challenges. Prior Supervisory/Management experience preferred.  Must meet the requirements of Direct Support Person (DSP).  At least twenty-one (21) years of age with a valid driver’s license and insurable driving record.

Language and Skills

Successful completion of the Short Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults (S-TOFHLA) test, testing ability to read.  This is a professional position which requires great verbal and written communication skills.  Ability to prioritize responsibilities.  Ability to interact and communicate with people supported by our Agency, employees, State/Federal staff members, and other supervisory/management personnel.

Physical Demands

Must be able to complete all physical requirements of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation. Successful completion of Essential Functioning Test verifying ability to lift at least seventy-five (75) pounds. May have a flexible varied work schedule with some evenings and weekends required based on Agency needs.