About Us

Providing quality services since 1964

At Pathway Services Unlimited, we are persistent and dedicated to the services we bring to individuals in our multi-county service area. In doing so, we provide these various services and opportunities to families and individuals with disabilities:

Adult Services
Community Living Services

Our primary philosophy of Pathway Services Unlimited is to provide and stimulate the development of quality opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities and other physical and mental challenges. Input from families, guardians and stakeholders is the most valuable resource we have to continue to develop quality programs.

Agency Admission Criteria


Individuals must have a developmental disability —primarily intellectual disabilities , sensory disorders, cerebral palsy, epilepsy — and/or other physical and mental challenges. Each program may have additional specific criteria for admission. [Developmentally disabled — a disability which is attributable to cognitive intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy,  sensory disorders, or to any other condition which results in impairment similar to that caused by intellectual disabilities and which requires services similar to those required by persons with intellectual disabilities. Such disability must originate before the age of 18 years, be expected to continue indefinitely and constitute a substantial handicap.]

Referrals for Service

The majority of referrals are received from Central Illinois Service Access, Inc. Referrals for services are provided as vacancies become available; residential service referrals are forwarded to the Residential Referral Committee for review.


There are no costs to individuals enrolled / receiving services in day program, respite, family financial or representative payee who are eligible for Medicaid. For individuals receiving residential services, costs are based on their funding from Social Security, Supplemental Social Security or other funds.

Staff Qualifications and Training

All direct staff are certified as Direct Support Persons (DSP) with a high school diploma or GED certification while under the guidance of Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional and Program Coordinators. Training includes: CPR, First Aid, Behavior Management, OSHA, Abuse and Neglect, Individual Rights and Confidentiality, Body Mechanics, Fire Safety, Severe Weather, and Individual Specific Training.

Code of Ethics

A copy is available upon request.