Category  – Paraprofessional

Type  – Hourly

Basic Function: Creates and fosters a warm home environment that maximizes the development of the individuals living in a residential setting sponsored by the Agency, under the general supervision of the Residential Supervisor.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Assists individuals in developing and/or maintaining personal skills including physical, self-help, communication, psycho/social and cognitive needs.

2. Integrates individuals into the functioning of the home, including laundry, meal planning/preparation, food handling/storage, shopping, house cleaning, yard maintenance, leisure activity, and cooperative problem solving.

3. Integrates individuals into their community by helping them access local stores, restaurants, and special events, clubs, and other social/recreational and religious activities of the individual’s choice including attendance at medical or other appointments as assigned.

4. Demonstrates required Direct Support Person (DSP) knowledge of individual medications, side effects, and proper documentation processes.

5. Maintains accurate and timely individual records of T-Logs, goals, behavioral, medical, and Individual Service Plan documentation in Therap.

6. Maintains accurate and timely household documentation, including fire drills, long distance phone log, vehicle mileage log, etc.

7. Completes required employee records in an accurate and timely fashion, including requests for mileage reimbursement, training, use of PLD/shift trade, vehicle use, and personnel information, etc. in Kronos or any other Agency documentation program.

8. Demonstrates respect for property of individuals and of the Agency including, but not limited to, assuring that individual’s property and personal space are treated with dignity and the home and vehicle are attractive, clean, and safe.

9. Follows established procedure for access to the Residential Services on-call supervisor.

10. Informs the Residential Supervisor of any significant individual, staff, or household issues, as well as any household or adaptive equipment maintenance needs.

11. Attends required training, workshops, and meetings as directed by the Residential Supervisor.

12. Maintains proper driver eligibility, background clearance, and medication administration qualifications as set forth by DHS regulations for continued Residential Services and/or Agency employment.

13. Completes all annual training and Direct Support Person (DSP) requirements.

14. May be required to assist during emergency situations.

15. Performs all other duties as assigned.

Minimum Education/Experience

Verifiable documentation of education. High school graduate or equivalency. One or more years’ experience programming for persons with developmental disabilities and other physical and mental challenges preferred.  Ability to read, as measured by the Short Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults (S-TOFHLA) test. Must be able to complete all physical requirements of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation.  At least 18 years of age.